Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dalhousie University

ECED 3403: Computer Architecture

Summer 2017

Last updated: 1 May 2017

Background material

Students taking ECED 3403 should have a working knowledge of C (or C++), data structures, problem analysis, and assembly language programming.

Required reading before the start of term

Before the start of term, you are expected to read The Soul Of A New Machine by Tracy Kidder (ISBN 978-0316491976).

As a potential Computer Engineer, this should be an interesting book since it gives a rare insight into both the subject and the mindset of (some) Computer Engineers.

The text will be referred to throughout the term.

An introduction to the TI-430

The processor used in ECED 3403 is the TI-430. An introduction to the TI-430’s Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) can be found here.

Other material relating to the TI-430’s ISA can be found on the TI website.

A brief history of Computer Engineering

Although not required for the course, the following material offers a brief glimpse into the history of Computer Engineering.


Turing, Colossus, Enigma, and Bletchley Park

Post World War II

Course information

Contact Dr. Hughes for more information about this course.