Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dalhousie University

ECED 4402 - Real Time Systems

Fall 2018

Academic Regulations

Last updated: 11 September 2018

Student Absence Reporting

Any absence resulting in missed academic work must be reported using the Engineering Student Absence Reporting online system. This applies to both Student Declaration of Absence and Request for Accommodation. Visit for details and to submit a request.

Academic Integrity

At Dalhousie University, we are guided in all of our work by the values of academic integrity: honesty, trust, fairness, responsibility and respect (The Center for Academic Integrity, Duke University, 1999). As a student, you are required to demonstrate these values in all of the work you do. The University provides policies and procedures that every member of the university community is required to follow to ensure academic integrity. (read more:

Dalhousie Engineering Student Oath

I, as one who is preparing to enter the profession of engineering, promise to conduct myself in an honorable and ethical manner, and, as such, I will not cheat, plagiarize or be involved in any other academically dishonest activities. I shall uphold the values of truth, honesty and trustworthiness. I shall study diligently so that I will be able to safeguard human life, to protect the welfare of society and the environment, and to uphold the reputation of the profession. In all this I shall be concerned for the well-being of others, and not just myself.