Fear of Russia marks Europe's green policy (11 January)

The energy security of any jurisdiction depends on its energy supply and energy infrastructure. Ideally, a jurisdiction has adequate energy supplies with an infrastructure that allows the supplies to be distributed so that all energy demand is met. However, history has shown that the loss of supply, the loss of infrastructure, or the simple lack of infrastructure can result in the loss of energy security.

In Europe, the growing reliance on natural gas, from both the North Sea and states in the Former Soviet Union (notably Russia), has resulted in considerable investment in the construction of natural gas transmission and distribution infrastructure. This investment means that countries in the EU will be dependent on natural gas from anywhere it can be found, including North Africa, the Middle East, and Russia. With Europe's growing demand for energy, its proposed energy policy will do little to change the reliance on Russia.

Submitted to Globe and Mail 11 January 2007, Unpublished